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Best tips to get that picture perfect photo of your pet

Good Photos

we've paid our modells in full for their good behaviour

Photos to Avoid

When it comes to our fur-babies, there is no such thing as a bad photo. But a clear one always helps
  • Too close
  • Too far
  • Bad lighting
  • Worng angle
  • Bad Quality
  • Too bright
  • Photos with filters
  • Missing parts

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I submit photos taken with a smartphone?
Yes, smartphone photos are acceptable as long as they are clear and well-lit.
2What if my pet is in a group photo?
Although it's recommended to submit a photo where your pet is the main focus, we can certainly edit out your pet from the group.
3How many photos should I provide for the custom pet portrait?
One clear photo is sufficient, but you can provide multiple angles for a more detailed portrait.
4What resolution and file format should the photos be in?
High-resolution JPEG or PNG files are preferred for the best quality.
5What if my pet has unique features or markings?
Include close-up photos highlighting those features to ensure they are accurately represented.
6Can I edit or crop my photos before uploading them?
It's best to submit unedited photos to ensure the artist has all the necessary details.
7How do I upload my pet's photo during the ordering process?
You can easily upload your pet's photo on the product page before placing the order. Alternatively, you can also send the image to us at after placing the order.
8What if I encounter difficulties uploading my pet's photo?
Please contact our support team for assistance, providing details about the issue you're facing.
9What if I want to change the photo after placing the order?
Contact our support team as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of updating the photo.

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